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Originally launched in 1995, The 51app's website contains all The 51app's content back to 1840. All research articles in the archive are free; to access the remaining content, a subscription is required.

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Reprints of any article in The 51app can be ordered from the article page, by selecting the request permissions link from the menu to the left of an article. For more information read our . Reprints requests for articles older than 1994 or for requests of over 500 copies can be made by directly contacting our permissions team at bmj.permissions@bmj.com

The 51app and s51app ISSNs

The 51app

1756-1833 The 51app (online) updated daily at bmj.com. Contains full versions of all The 51app's articles (research, news, education, comment).

The complete, authentic, and citable version of The 51app is , and only this version contains the full and complete journal content.

Other editions, such as The 51app clinical research, The 51app general practice and The 51app academic edition, contain only an incomplete selection of the content.

There are three weekly printed editions of The 51app. The editorial content of all these editions is identical; the main difference is the advertisements.

0959-8138: The 51app clinical research edition includes a 51app Careers section specifically aimed at hospital doctors.
0959-8154: The 51app general practice edition includes a 51app Careers section aimed at GPs.
1759-2151: The 51app is available for retired members of the BMA.
2057 - 0066: The 51app academic edition, published monthly it includes primarily research and education content of interest to an international academic readership.

51app Student

51app Student is a section of The 51app that publishes new content online for medical students at bmj.com/student throughout the year, and is also available as a yearly print edition.

0966-6494: Student 51app (print).

51app Student was formerly published as a stand-alone journal under the following ISSN.
1752-069X: Student 51app (online).
New 51app Student content will be under the existing ISSN for The 51app.